The Best Quality Canadian Hand Forged Damascus Steel Knives

Canada is the land of expansive wilds with a reputation for tough, enduring quality. Nestled in the quaint town of Jasper, Alberta, this tradition lives on through BigHorn Steel’s modern Damascus knife design. Here, the ideas for some of the most sought-after types of knives are born and then manufactured through trusted Middle Eastern partners.

What makes Damascus steel special?

Damascus knives are remarkable because they are tools and true works of art that can be passed through generations. Damascus steel is known for the following:

  • Unique patterns: Each Damascus blade boasts distinctive patterns reminiscent of flowing water. These patterns result from folding and hammering layers of steel.
  • Sharp edges: Known for maintaining a sharp blade, Damascus steel offers a cutting experience that's both smooth and efficient.
  • Durability: The technique used in making Damascus steel results in a great knife that stands the test of time, balancing flexibility and hardness. 

The Canadian touch

The traditional method of creating Damascus steel is elevated to a new level in the hands of skilled artisans. Canadian quality assurance is combined with carefully selected forgers who have honed their skills to produce handcrafted Damascus steel knives that meet the needs of the most discerning outdoor enthusiast and knife collector.

The process

The highest quality Damascus steel knife is designed and manufactured with the keenest attention to detail at every step.

  • Design: Considering weight and balance, blade length and shape, handle shape, size, and materials, overall ergonomics, and more are considered when designing knives across various categories.
  • Materials selection: High-quality high-carbon steel, nickel, and other metals are chosen to start the process.
  • Layering: Multiple layers of steel are fused and forge-welded to form a billet.
  • Folding: The steel is folded multiple times to create unique patterns and develop the strength Damascus steel is known for. BigHorn Steel folds its blades 512 times.
  • Shaping: The knife blade is shaped, combining functionality with beauty.
  • Finishing: A sharp edge is honed, and the handle is attached, often with materials that complement the beautiful knife design. 

A Damascus knife for every purpose and enthusiast

A BigHorn Steel Damascus everyday carry knife with a deep purple handle

Reputable Damascus knife manufacturers will typically carry a range of knives for every purpose, including:

  • Pocketknives: Compact and versatile, perfect for everyday carry.
  • Hunting knives: Robust and reliable, a must-have for any hunting expedition.
  • Chef knives: A blend of precision and style, suitable for any kitchen.
  • Custom knives: Tailored to individual preferences, from blade shape to handle design.
  • Knife sets: Coordinated collections that serve a wide range of cutting tasks.

BigHorn Steel’s commitment to the enthusiast

At BigHorn Steel, the outdoor enthusiast is at the heart of every design. Our handmade Damascus hunting, survival, tracking, and skinning knives are more than tools; they're companions in the wild. With a sharp blade that lasts a long time, you can trust a BigHorn knife to be by your side, from setting up camp to preparing a fresh catch beside a crackling fire. 

The versatility of Damascus steel knives in modern use

Damascus steel's versatility lies in its adaptability to various needs. Whether you're an adventurer braving the Canadian Rockies or a chef slicing through the finest ingredients, there's a Damascus knife that fits the profile of the perfect knife.

Knife type

Best for

Why it’s the best option


Everyday tasks and versatility

Easy to care, ready for daily use

Hunting knife

Outdoor activities

Durable and designed for the wilderness

Chef knife

Culinary precision

Sharp and functional for all kitchen tasks


Damascus steel is unparalleled in the kitchen

A Damascus steel chef knife is not just a great knife; it demonstrates a manufacturer’s commitment to perfection. Designed to meet the high demands of the culinary world, these knives make food preparation easier and more enjoyable. The sharp knife and balanced handle turn chopping into an effortless dance, while the distinctive patterns on the blade make every meal preparation a visual delight.

Kitchen task

Damascus knife advantage


Less friction, clean cuts


Long-lasting sharpness


Fine control, elegant presentation


Note: BigHorn Steel is currently designing its first true-to-form Chef knife. Please check back often for its upcoming release. 

The pride of a collection

Collectors pride themselves on having at least a few hand-forged Damascus steel knives.




Unique patterns

No two knives have the same patterns

Exclusivity and personal expression

Custom handles

Choices range from traditional wood to a nice blue handle made of acrylic

Personalization to the owner’s taste


Each knife is manufactured using traditional techniques

Authenticity and connection to craft


For collectors, a BigHorn Steel custom knife is not just a beautiful knife; it's a piece of history. It represents a storied craft passed down through generations, now resting in their hand. Our custom and limited edition knives are often seen as a great option for those seeking a quality kitchen knife or a versatile knife that speaks to their identity.

The outdoor companion

Whether it's a folding knife for the camper or a utility knife for the survivalist, BigHorn Steel ensures that each hand-forged Damascus steel knife is of robust construction and meets the diverse needs of outdoor life. These knives are practical, durable, and aesthetically pleasing—a total awe in nature's light.



Knife type

Why Damascus?


Folding knife

Compact; can handle varied tasks


Hunting or survival knife

Durable; designed for the rigours of the hunt


Utility knife

Corrosion-resistant; maintains a sharp edge


A Tribute to tradition and quality

Canadian-made Damascus knives are not just cutting instruments; they celebrate a rich lineage of metalwork. BigHorn Steel, nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, epitomizes the spirit of this legacy by forging knives that are much more than a tool—they are a statement of excellence. Through the hands of these skilled knifemakers, each hand-forged Damascus steel knife is a tribute to tradition and the unwavering pursuit of quality.

BigHorn Steel: Where rugged meets refined

At BigHorn Steel, the legacy of Damascus blades continues to thrive, promising a quality product using one of humanity's oldest and most versatile manufacturing methods. For the collector, the chef, the hunter, or simply someone seeking a versatile knife for daily use, BigHorn Steel offers a great option—a knife that embodies top quality and exceptional craftsmanship, destined to inspire total awe for a long time. 

BigHorn Steel stands out not just for its excellent customer service but for its commitment to quality. Here's why a BigHorn Damascus knife is a lifetime knife: 

  • Exceptional craftsmanship: Each knife is a work of art, reflecting the rich heritage of traditional techniques.
  • Great quality: Ensured through rigorous testing and quality control in the Canadian wild.
  • Free shipping: Delivered directly to your door, anywhere in North America.

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Frequently asked questions 

What company makes the best Damascus knives?

The term "best" is subjective, but BigHorn Steel is renowned for its high-quality, hand-forged Damascus steel knives, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.

How much does a hand-forged Damascus knife cost?

The price can vary widely, from around $100 for basic models to several thousand dollars for custom, artisan-crafted pieces.

Which knives are illegal in Canada?

In Canada, it is illegal to possess knives that open automatically, such as switchblades or any knife with a blade that opens by gravity or centrifugal force.

Does anyone make real Damascus steel?

Yes and no. Damascus steel forging has evolved throughout the years. Some skilled artisans make their Damascus steel using traditional methods of folding and forging layers of steel to create characteristic patterned blades. BigHorn Steel’s partners use these methods and hand-forge every blade, providing the most traditional and real Damascus steel available in the modern market.