BigHorn Steel: An Original Canadian Knife Company

The Canadian Rockies command the landscape in Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Here, a Canadian knife becomes a trusted survival companion, whether you are summiting a local peak or just out for a quick hike.

Canadian knives, such as BigHorn Steel’s Damascus knives, are renowned for their resilience and versatility. That combination makes these blades a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and the pride of the Canadian knife industry.

What is a Canadian knife?

A Canadian is defined by the following:

  • Original design: Each knife reflects the spirit of Canada's wilderness, with original designs that are functional and beautiful.
  • High-quality materials: Utilizing materials that endure Canada's harsh environments ensures that a Canadian knife stands the test of time.
  • Finger grooves and comfortable grip: A knife is only as good as its handle. Finger grooves and a comfortable grip are paramount for control and safety.

Why blade steel matters

The blade steel of a Canadian knife is pivotal to its performance. Renowned for their excellent blade retention, Canadian knives are crafted using high-grade steel, which ensures longevity and consistent sharpness. The meticulous process of selecting and treating the steel, especially Damascus steel, contributes significantly to the knife's ability to withstand the rugged Canadian terrain. 

BigHorn Steel’s process of folding its Damascus 512 times ensures superior blade steel enhances a knife's functionality and safety. Proper heat treatment ensures the blade can hold an edge through extensive use. 

The following table breaks down the most basic anatomy of a Canadian knife. 




Blade steel

Premium quality steel for sharpness and durability

Excellent blade retention

Handle design

Ergonomically crafted for a safe grip

Reduces fatigue and increases safety

Sharpening system

Precision engineered for maintaining the perfect edge

Ensures long-term effectiveness


Other features of a Canadian knife

When it comes to outdoor activities, a truly Canadian outdoor knife is synonymous with reliability. From the Nova Scotia shores to the peaks of the Rockies, these knives offer:

  • Versatility: Whether it's a beautiful cleaver for campsite cooking or a sharp blade for carving, the versatility is unmatched.
  • Great design: With a nod to the great outdoors, the designs merge aesthetics with functionality.
  • Durability: Crafted to withstand the elements, these knives are built for longevity.

The balance of utility and beauty

A Canadian knife company understands the balance between utility and artistry. Knives like the beautiful walnut-handled Damascus EDC knife or a folding knife with a nice blue handle are not just tools; they're a statement of craftsmanship and a reflection of the company’s vision.

Why choose a Canadian knife

A Bighorn Steel foldable Damascus steel tracker knife with a maroon-coloured Micarta handle

While the reasons are many, the top five we can think of include the following: 

  • Original designs from different companies ensure uniqueness. Though a bit biased, we have to say that BigHorn Steel’s knives are the best.
  • High-quality materials for a knife that lasts. Damascus steel is considered one of the world's sturdiest and edge-retaining knife-making materials.
  • Thoughtful ergonomics for a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Blade knives that offer both utility and beauty.
  • Folding knives for easy everyday carry.

Craftsmanship: From the first design to the most modern knives

Canadian knives have evolved significantly over time. The first design, often a simple yet functional utility knife of some kind, has given way to various outstanding designs. Today's knives result from meticulous craftsmanship, embodying the essence of Canada's rugged wilderness. 

Time range



Early designs

Focused on utility and simplicity

Laid the foundation for versatility


Incorporation of high-quality materials

Enhanced durability and function

Modern day

Emphasis on ergonomic handle design and blade steel

Superior performance and aesthetics


Canadian knives is a story of innovation

A Canadian knife company is not just a designer or manufacturer; it’s a hub of innovation. For companies like BigHorn Steel, every great knife that comes out of their forge results from an intense process that combines thoughtful design and traditional techniques with modern technology. 

A BigHorn Steel knife has the following characteristics:

  • High-quality knife with excellent blade retention.
  • A sharp blade that promises a perfect edge.
  • Comfortable grip with a safe grip handle design.
  • A beautiful knife that stands as a work of art.

A knife for every adventure

Outdoor enthusiasts require a knife that meets their diverse needs. Whether it’s a versatile folding knife for hiking or a beautiful cleaver for setting up camp and cooking, a Canadian knife is an essential tool for adventure. It’s a versatile knife that complements the dynamic nature of outdoor activities.

The following table outlines some simple knife types and their applications.



Ideal for

Folding knife

Portability and everyday carry

Hikers, campers

Fixed-blade knife

Sturdiness and reliability

Survivalists, hunters

Utility knife

Multi-purpose use

General outdoor and utility tasks

Collector’s knife

High-end use, display, and fine cutting

Collectors, chefs, and enthusiasts


Canadian outdoors aesthetics

Canadian knife makers understand that a knife can be a beautiful addition to any collection. From the ruggedness of acrylic or bone and a brown leather sheath to the elegance of high-quality wood, every knife is a tribute to the Canadian landscape.

Canadian knives and their cultural impact

Canadian knives are more than tools; they are cultural icons. Each blade tells a story of the Canadian way of life, from the Canadian First Nations' daily use of knives to modern times, where a knife signifies preparedness and self-reliance.

Collectors and enthusiasts appreciate Canadian knives for their historical significance and as symbols of an active and self-sufficient lifestyle. Canadian knives carry historical and cultural significance. They symbolize the Canadian ethos of resilience and independence.

A part of Canada’s identity

A Canadian knife is much more than a cutting tool. It represents Canada's soul, crafted with precision, designed for versatility, and built to last. It demonstrates Canadian spirit and grit—resilient, beautiful, and diverse.

BigHorn Steel is a truly Canadian knife brand.

Visit BigHorn Steel today to find your perfect outdoor companion. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or appreciate fine craftsmanship, our collection has something for everyone. Shop now and experience the edge of excellence with BigHorn Steel.

Frequently asked questions

What knife can you legally carry in Canada?

In Canada, it is legal to carry knives that do not open automatically and are not considered prohibited weapons. However, the intent of carrying the knife should not be used as a weapon.

Can I have a knife in my checked bag?

Yes, you can have a knife in your checked baggage when flying. It is not allowed in your carry-on or on your person during flight.

What is a fixed-blade knife?

A fixed-blade knife has a stationary blade that does not fold or slide and is typically more substantial due to the full tang construction.