BigHorn Steel

10" Black/Grey Damascus Tracker Knife // BH123-1


The newly released BH123-1 is a black/grey densified wood handle version of the well-regarded BH123 Tracker knife. This iteration maintains the exceptional qualities of the BH123 while introducing a vibrant touch with its modern darker handle. It's an ideal choice for those who appreciate both practicality and a distinctive style in their outdoor accessories.

Key features

  • High-grade Damascus steel blade: The knife features a robust, high-quality Damascus steel blade that has been folded 512 times, ensuring sharpness and endurance for a variety of outdoor activities.
  • Black/grey densified wood handle: The handle stands out with its sleek design, offering an ergonomic and firm grip for intense usage.
  • Tailored for actual outdoor activities: Crafted for durability and efficiency, this knife is perfectly adapted for various outdoor pursuits, including camping and backcountry exploration.
  • Sleek and striking design: Beyond its utility, the knife is a bold artistic statement, showcasing a rugged, adventurous spirit and an eye for design.
  • Multipurpose and sturdy: The BH123-1 is designed to cope with harsh outdoor conditions, proving a reliable and stylish tool for outdoor enthusiasts who value resilience and aesthetic appeal.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Cleaning: Rinse the knife under running water and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Avoid using abrasive materials like steel wool, which can damage the blade’s etching.
  • Oiling: After cleaning, lightly oil the blade with a food-safe oil to prevent rust and maintain its artful appeal.
  • Refreshing the pattern: Over time, the Damascus pattern may fade. This can easily be rectified by immersing the blade in a hot black instant coffee solution, a mild etchant, for 15 minutes to an hour.

Safety note 

Remember, knives are not just tools. They are also potential hazards if not handled correctly. Always use knives with care and keep them out of reach of children. When not in use, ensure the knife is folded and securely stored.

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